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Tesla Model 3 Performance 2021 UPGRADE

Tesla Model 3 Performance Upgrade (2021)

Performance28 has always been about taking a different path. Long-time advocates of making performance, visual and aesthetic improvements to vehicles, we offer alloy wheels, suspension and handling upgrades, spoilers, exhausts, interior mods, and body kits. We recently transformed this Tesla Model 3 Performance 2021 with the addition of Eibach lowering springs and sway bars, Vorsteiner […]

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Amazing gloss finish

Kamikaze coating Mercedes GTR

Ahead of the car being delivered to its new owner this Mercedes GTR has had a full paint correction. The customer also made the excellent choice to have the paintwork protected with Kamikaze Miyabe ceramic coating too. This will protect the paint, create a hydrophobic barrier and provide deep gloss for years to come.

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Performance 28 showroom

The Power to Perform

Performance 28 is a Durham-based business bringing mighty motors to the North East market. Elysia Fryer talks prestige cars, petroliana and paintwork with Managing Director, Tony Thomson.

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