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Oil Change

We will drop all of the oil from your vehicle and replace it with the right amount of the manufacturer recommended oils. First we will drain the oil from the vehicle, then replace the drain plug and washer. Next we will use manufacturer recommended oil and refill to the recommended level. 

Filter Clean

We can replace and clean oil, pollen, fuel and air filters – within manufacturer recommended time scales. We will do this when your car is being serviced and change the filters when recommended by the manufacturer. The pollen filter cleans air in the cabin of the vehicle, significantly reducing the pollen, dust and dirt particles, as well as exhaust fumes. The fuel and air filters also reduce dust, dirt and rust particles from the fuel ensuring your engine is free from contaminants. The air filter will make sure your engine has a constant flow of fresh air. Finally, the oil filter will remove contaminants allowing your engine to work more efficiently.  


In line with your manufacturer’s requirements we will service any make and model of vehicle, using manufacturer genuine parts and service kit. Your warranty will also be maintained by using only manufacturer approved parts, however we can use approved used parts for cars that do not have a warranty. You will get the benefits of a main dealer service, with lower costs and lower wait times. Our competitive prices mean that you will save a significant amount when compared to a manufacturer direct service. 

Diagnostic Check

Using the latest technology, we read the car’s ECU fault memories and diagnose the cause of warning lights, this allows us to provide you with a quote and repair the vehicle. Modern cars have multiple electronic control units and it is essential that our equipment is up to date to quickly reset and remove fault codes, reset control units and reset engine management lights. We use the Texa Axone Nemo 2 to diagnose faults as this can be used on all brands of car. We also use a GYS Flash battery charger and support unit to stabilise the power source during the diagnostic process. 

Engine Clean

There are not many service centres who undertake engine cleaning, but we do at Performance 28. The machines we use carry out a unique process that will deep clean your engine. The deep clean we provide provides the ultimate engine detox, allowing owners to experience reduced emissions, better fuel efficiency and improved engine performance. Initially, we will drain the oil from the engine then add a clean micron filter into the EDT machine which will pump a bespoke mineral oil into the engine. This will remove the carbon, varnish and other external particles from the engine. Once this has been fully removed we will fit a new filter and add new oil to the clean engine.

Mechanical Reparids

The team at Performance 28 can undertake various types of mechanical repairs including engine and drivetrain, this can be done on all types of performance and prestige vehicles.  We will inspect your vehicle, identify any damage to the boots and joints, examine the underside to check the exhaust and for corrosion, damage and general wear and tear. The team can do many routine mechanical repairs, including replacing brake pads and disks using manufacturer genuine parts, whilst also cleaning the wheel hubs for optimum brake efficiency. 

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