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CAR Detailing

Kamikaze logoPerformance 28 are an accredited Kamikaze detailing company. We use professional Kamikaze products only available to a small number of authorised dealers. We offer the full Kamikaze range including the self healing Zipang application.

For your peace of mind we prepare your vehicle in a gated, insured, humidity controlled, indoor facility, and use specialist lighting for paint correction. The images below show only some of the stages of this process:

Exterior Detailing
Exterior detailing
The first stage of any detail is to remove the worst of the tree sap, fallout, salt or other contaminants with a jet lance.
Wheel Clean
Wheels are treated with fallout remover which detaches the hot metal particles bonded to the alloy wheel from brake wear, as well as road tar.
Using a foam lance, the vehicle is coated in snow foam, as the foam “melts” the dirt attached to the paintwork is gently lift from the surfaces reducing the need for the use of cloths and sponges, which in turn reduces the risk of scratches and swirls in the cleaning process.
Touchless drying
A deep pile towel is carefully used to remove the excess water, the remainder being removed with a touchless warm air drier. This reduces streaking from minerals in the water being left on the paint, and reduces the likelihood of swirls marks from the cleaning process.
Clay bar
Gliding a special clay bar across the surface of the paintwork using a special lubricant removes very fine particles of road fallout, tree sap, and in particular tar that have bonded to the surfaces.
Paint correction
For deep scratches and swirl marks we use a random orbital polisher and cutting pad with cutting compound. Our compound contains no filler so the corrections are true. Multiple passes are made as required to achieve the best possible results.
Jewelling polish
To refine the paintwork for optimum depth and shine we complete a jeweling polish. Using a finishing compound and finishing pad to remove the finest of scratches and achieve a deep high gloss shine. Product used: KAMIKAZE ICHIBAN FINISHING COMPOUND
Alcohol panel wipe
We use an alcohol spray which has been designed to strip paint of oil and polish residue so the car is left with a clean surface for sealants to bond to the paint.
Interior Detailing
Interior detailing
Plastics cleaned
Clean plastics and dash are essential to complete any detailing process. We clean all interior plastic trim with quality interior cleaner and detailing brushes to leave a natural finish with no sticky residue keeping your dash & plastic interior looking 'as new' for longer.
Matts Washed
These are removed from the vehicle hoovered clean, washed with carpet cleaner where required to keep them fresh and hygienic.
Leather Treatment
After being thoroughly cleaned, we ensure the longevity of your leather work is protected with dedicated products designed to enhance, and nourish your interior leather. Hydrophobic coatings are also available on request.
Upholstery Clean
Non leather services can be treated to upholstery cleaner removing stains and ingrained dirt, bringing them back to their best.
Steam Clean
Dirt and grime build up in a car’s buttons and vents where brushes and cloths can't reach. Steam can!  Steam cleaning a vehicles interior can also remove some of the worst upholstery stains, and reduce unwanted odours.
Standard de-odorising takes the form of steam cleaning, and quality fragrance into the cabin and carpets, stubborn smells such as smoke and pet odours can be neutralised with interior car bombs, or air con bombs.
Engine Bay
Engine bay cleaning
Engine Bay Washed
Gently wash the engine and engine bay with low pressure water, brushes and degreaser.
Steam Cleaned
Steam is used to get to the hard to reach areas, taking care to protect any electrics and terminals.
Plastics Shined
After being wiped with decontamination wipes, the plastics and hoses are ready for a final coating of rubber and vinyl protector.
Ceramic coating
Ceramic coatings
Ceramic coating requires very careful paint preparation, and a meticulous approach to coating all exterior surfaces. We use world leading Kamikaze coatings, and are trained in their highly specific application methods.
Allowing the appropriate cure time is a fundamental part of the coating process, giving enough time for the bonding of the coating without allowing it to become patchy or cloudy.
As the bonding begins to take place the ceramic is polished off the car in a circular motion, removing excess to leave a glass like surface.
Second Coat
Multiple coats add additional protection and deeper gloss and colour... products can be combined to produce slightly different qualities. Speak to us about your requirements.

Kamikaze Collection is a revolutionary range of high-end boutique car care products designed and manufactured in Japan, home of ceramic coatings.

Combining state-of-the-art technology with traditional know-how, Kamikaze Collection prides itself on delivering truly innovative and unique products.

Performance28 are proud to be the approved Agents for the Kamikaze Collection for the North East of England.

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